Do You Like Giving Money to HMRC?

The economic downturn has been difficult for many businesses and you naturally want to keep hold of any hard earned profits. The last thing you want to do is hand them over to the HMRC and this is where tax strategies could play a role in your business development planning.

At Botting & Co, we are part of a UK net work of tax strategy providers offering tax planning and business advisory solutions.  Our proactive service is tailored to identify the appropriate tax structure to allow your business to grow and to keep more of your hard earned cash. Please contact us to find out if you qualify for an effective tax strategy to reduce your taxation liabilities.

The following is a summary of areas where tax strategies are available:

  • Business investment
  • Remuneration tax planning (profit extraction)
  • Commercial property capital allowances
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Capital gains and inheritance tax mitigation
  • Contractor and Director solutions
  • Research & Development tax relief

Each tax planning strategy must be considered with full knowledge of the risks and implications of embarking on that structure.  Our role as your accountant is to fully explain and educate you on how the structure works and inform you of the potential risks and rewards of the planning.  All strategies entail risks and will most likely result in an HMRC enquiry and consequently it is important that you understand and feel comfortable with the process.

If you would like to talk to us about  tax saving strategies to ensure you are not paying too much tax, please contact us today at Botting & Co on 01903 713508 and come and see us for a free initial meeting.

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